Huggable people #6 CASUDI: Designing Success One Connection or Rain Drop at a Time

Caroline Di Dieggo on a boat in ItalyI first met Caroline Di Diego AKA @CASUDI over 3 years ago when I introduced her to Twitter chats, and told her the “facts of Twitter life.” What makes CASUDI huggable people is I have seen her give back many times over; reaching out to help Social Media newbies and Entrepreneurs – and as she says, “building bridges between people, which translates into connecting approriate individuals with fruitful & lucrative endeavors and visa versa;” as she dubs it “Designing Success.”

CASUDI, CEO/Partner of esse group, is a multi-faceted Entrepreneur and is on my huggable people list for many reasons, but the one that stands out for me is her non-profit, Bank-On-Rain, which she co-founded with Mike Williamson. Bank-On-Rain is a small and nimble non-profit consultancy, which helps other larger (perhaps less efficient) organizations implement projects related to solving the shortage of drinking water in developing countries.

Q) CATHY: What drew you to get involved with Bank-on-Rain project – was it a business proposition or did it feed a passion of yours?

A) CASUDI: It all started when an Entrepreneur (inventor) friend, Mike Williamson said to me ~ when I sell my company I want to take rain harvesting (collection & storage) and bring it to developing countries. It was not a business proposition unless you consider a non-profit as such, and the passion it fueled was helping Entrepreneurs be successful; in this case helping Mike fulfill his non-profit dream. Well, I got hooked and became a co-founder and have been passionate about using social media to gain credibility and funding for Bank-ON-Rain ever since.

Q) CATHY: What does it do, and who does it benefit?

A) CASUDI: Bank-On-Rain is focused on rain collection & storage systems and designing & manufacturing products which make water related installations more efficient. Our first product is a FULSTOP™ water faucet that saves water & lives. Both water systems and the products benefit people in developing countries who are in need of drinking water.

Q: CATHY: What is the mission/vision/goal?

A: CASUDI: I wrote a blog post on this “Do You have Vision?” which answers your question on Bank-On-Rain quite well.

Q: CATHY: What does Bank-On-Rain need to take it to the next level?

A: CASUDI: Everyone will expect me to say funding; and yes, funding for initial set up and manufacture of our FULLSTOP™ water faucet is important. We plan testing it by summer 2012 (depending on funding) in many of the water installations implemented by the 91 Peer Water Exchange members. If funding (already in the works) comes through then our next focus will be funding and helping local entrepreneurs in a sustainable manufacturing business (one or several) in developing countries; to make the faucets and sell them locally at an affordable price.

Q) Cathy: What drives you to reach out and help others?

A) CASUDI: I think this is in my DNA and has always been there. However, my greatest reward is seeing others be successful and if I can contribute to that, it’s a great big HIGH for me.


A Quick Couple of Fun Questions:

Q) Cathy: What is your favorite board of yours on the new social site Pinterest?

A) CASUDI: My favorite board is my #Bizarre4home, showing some “different or bizzare” items, designs and ideas for homes.

Q) Cathy: If you could take your staff, company or friends and family anywhere in the world for a long weekend (at no cost and with no loss of business), where would you take them and why to that place?

A) CASUDI: THE GREAT WALL outside Bejing (where I have visited) ~ until you physically stand on THE GREAT WALL (and spend a day navigating it) you have no conception of it’s history, the length, the people who built it and the purpose. Here is another of my pinterest boards with photos of my Great Wall visit.

Q) Cathy: What’s a blog post of yours that our audience might find useful or interesting?

A) CASUDI: Here’s a link to a recent guest post for 12Most 12 engaging Reasons Brands Embrace Social Media.


To Sum it Up, Who is CASUDI our number 6 Huggable Person?

Caroline writes and or edits four blogs, recently managed the restoration of an amazing antique & classic Italian Speedboat, designs unique residences for international clients with her business partner of 22 years James Ferris, is very active in Social Media, mentors small biz to become sustainable, and consults for start up & early stage companies. In other words a very busy and “huggable” lady.




This is a lovely profile of a fabulous woman! CASUDI is someone I met through Twitter when I responded to her tweet that I was her number 888 (I hope I got that number right) and we just hit it off. Her encouragement and advocacy for myself and others is a treasure!


I wish her lots of success with Bank-ON-Rain!






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